Quick tip: Making & sharing GIFs with Google Photos

Shoot five or more frames in quick succession, and Photos will analyze their content & try to make a stabilized, looping animation. You can also select any range of frames in the Android or iOS app, then tap the “+” icon and choose “Animation.”

To share it on Facebook, right-click the image itself, copy the URL, and paste it into Facebook. (I’ll keep pestering my friend there to make things a bit simpler still. :-))

Oh, and if you want to see all your animations & other creations (collages, etc.), visit the search page and tap “Creations” down at the bottom.

8 thoughts on “Quick tip: Making & sharing GIFs with Google Photos

  1. Is there a way to share the moving gif directly on FB (where it moves in the post itself)? I can only post a link that has to be clicked on to be viewed so far.

  2. When you copy the Google photo address, it won’t end in a file extension (.gif), so Facebook often has a hard time figuring out that it’s actually a link to a gif image. I had to try SEVERAL times before FB posted it as a playable gif, rather than a link to some (unknown) web content.

  3. This worked for me:
    (1) The photo needs to be publicly viewable. I created an album that I named “public” and set the sharing options so that anyone can see it.
    (2) I added .gif to the end of the super long Google photo address, and it worked for me when I pasted that into Facebook!

    1. I cannot get this to work without giving me a 404… what does your link look like that you add a .gif too?

      1. I tried downloading the animation to my computer (it saves itself as a .gif file), then uploading it on facebook. that worked!

      2. What worked for worked for me was, when you get a link, to right click on the link and select open in a new tab or window. Then use the URL in the new window as your link to paste.

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