Quick tips: Integrating Google Photos + Drive

  • To make images & videos in your Drive show up in Photos, go to Photos settings, then enable “Google Drive: Show Google Drive photos & videos in your Photos library.”
  • To sync images & videos from Drive to your computer, go to My Drive, click the little gear icon, then choose Settings & enable “Create a Google Photos folder.” 

One small note of caution: If you enable auto-upload of images & video from your computer (via the desktop app) and enable auto download of Photos content to your computer, you’ll likely end up with two copies of many photos/videos (as they’ll get uploaded from their original locations, then downloaded into your Drive folder). In the cloud you’ll have just one copy of each item, but you’ll obviously use up more space on your local hard drive.

One thought on “Quick tips: Integrating Google Photos + Drive

  1. Trying to understand why one would want her Google Photos also on her Google Drive. Is it just that there’s more opportunity to organize them on Google Drive? Please help us grok this.

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