Photography: DxO’s 20MPx raw-shooting iPhone add-on cam

Now this thing ($599) looks seriously interesting. PetaPixel writes

Inside the camera is a 1-inch CMOS BSI sensor — the same size used by Nikon 1 mirrorless cameras — and on the front of the camera is a 32mm-equivalent f/1.8 lens with a 6-blade iris. Those specs are crammed into a 2.65-inch (6.9cm) tall camera that weighs just 3.8oz (108g) and fits comfortably in your palm and pocket.

What do you think?



[Via Torsten Beckmann]

One thought on “Photography: DxO’s 20MPx raw-shooting iPhone add-on cam

  1. I saw this announced just yesterday. Some thoughts: 1. it is really a “suite” product – being hardware, plus multi-feature firmware running internally, plus the iPhone app. (Hopefully – see below – it will have upgradability.) 2. It auto-focuses and shoots in a Continuous mode, but at what rate is not specified. (Given that it is obviously well optimized for candid and natural light portraiture, this is an important lack of information.) 3. There’s no flash mode, and maybe no capability to introduce one later either. 4. Raw capture is a plus – but there is also apparently “the option for what DxO Labs calls SuperRAW. That’s effectively four RAW photos in rapid succession, combined into one by the bundled DxO Connect software on your PC.” Again, it’d be good to know what exactly is “rapid” …

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