Cool new “Guided Upright” arrives in Lightroom, Camera Raw

Check out a great demo from my pal Julieanne:

Now you can quickly correct perspective in a photograph with precision and control using the new Transform Panel, Guided Upright tool, and Offset sliders. Watch as Julieanne demonstrates how to manually position guides to automatically correct converging vertical and horizontal lines in images, which can then be repositioned within the canvas area.

The features are available now, and you can find a bit more info via the Lightroom Journal [YouTube]

2 thoughts on “Cool new “Guided Upright” arrives in Lightroom, Camera Raw

  1. For some reason I missed (didn’t read?) the Camera Raw in the title and was watching the video thinking to myself: “Man, what a great feature! Why doesn’t Photoshop have something like this? Why on earth all the new cool features always come to Lightroom first?”. Well, as it turns out, it did come to Photoshop too 🙂

    Thanks to the engineers and everybody involved.
    And thanks John for the news 🙂

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