Power to the people: Voice UI helps a kid find autonomy

This is pretty rad:

Robbie has duchenne muscular dystrophy, which has left him able to control only his eyes, head and right thumb joint. […] Bill Weis, a retired tech worker […] set up Robbie’s bed to be controlled by voice activation. While working on the bed, Bill had an epiphany: if he can control the bed this way, why not everything else in Robbie’s bedroom universe?

Check out the story of tech + kindness + grit:


2 thoughts on “Power to the people: Voice UI helps a kid find autonomy

  1. Hello! This guy is wery interesting, i want to write him, i mean Robbie. My name is Sergey, i am from Russia, from small industrial city – Cherepovets. I read books, play video games, beginer in Web dev(JS, PHP 7.0, jQuery, HTML & CSS) and hope we got a matter for discussion. If it’s impossible, don’t feel sorry about this, that’s ok, i’m not intruding.

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