Ginormous Wooden Lego Electronics FTW

The Lego company got their start making wooden toys, so it’s kinda fitting that someone would recreate their tiny plastic bricks via lumber. “Brix System is a collection of scaled-up Lego versions of computers, phones, and music machines made out of wood,” Kottke writes. These classic pieces (especially the skinny phone, from my early-80’s police station!) really take me back.


One thought on “Ginormous Wooden Lego Electronics FTW

  1. John,
    You certainly have the Knack of finding the esoteric – I found it amazing on more than one level, building the individual elements to that quality, and being sufficiently talented and motivated to create it in the first place. Awesome is often an overused adjective to hype something, but in this instance the word does not even begin to describe what this chap has achieved, I am smiling dementedly as I write this response. Very polished. Are your own want glands over-secreting?
    Thanks for Sharing, Rod

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