One thought on “Full-body avatar generation from a single image

  1. I’m confused.
    They want people to create 3d representations of themselves on Facebook.
    The glaring problem of privacy is obvious when you’re creating a virtual duplicate of yourself, which can then be used by “who”?
    Everyone is already aware that Google tracks everyone, so now, they’ll have a 3d representation of the person they’re tracking plus the poor saps Facebook history, likes and bio to add to it.
    Interesting technology but another massive reach into peoples rights.
    Now you’ll say you need to sign up for this, but we both know that isn’t true, the slurry of information companies already have (you know, that stuff they all swore they weren’t ever going to collect… or sell), so, interesting idea, but massive push into having everyones breakdown, right down to a 3d virtual you.
    Already too much overreach, Google and Facebook already know way too much about me, and they never asked…

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