After 10+ years of teasing, Microsoft’s dual-screen device arrives

Back in the day (like, when Obama was brand new in office), I was intrigued by Microsoft’s dual-screen tablet Courier concept. Check out this preview from 2009:

The device never saw production, and some of the brains behind it went on to launch the lovely Paper drawing app for iPad. Now, however, the company is introducing the Surface Duo, and I think it looks slick:

Fun detail I’d never have guessed in 2009: it runs Android, not Windows!

The prices is high ($1400 and up for something that’s not really a phone or a laptop—though something that could replace both some of the time?), and people are expressing skepticism, but we’ll see how things go. Congrats to the folks who persevered with with that interesting original concept.

One thought on “After 10+ years of teasing, Microsoft’s dual-screen device arrives

  1. Interesting they skipped the hyper-delicate flexible screen and just went with two sheets of glass. If people can watch letterboxed movies, can a seam down the middle work too?

    Fun story: Back in college, the student union showed the original Star Wars, but neglected to track down the required anamorphic projector lens. So the movie was squished to a 4:3 screen ratio, and all the actors looked like they belonged in the NBA. But…after about 10-15 minutes, your brain slipped into gear, and you were just watching the movie.

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