Anonymize your photo automatically

Hmm—I’m not sure what to think about this & would welcome your thoughts. Promising to “Give people an idea of your appearance, while still protecting your true identity,” this Anonymizer service will take in your image, then generate multiple faces that vaguely approximate your characteristics:

Here’s what it made for me:

I find the results impressive but a touch eerie, and as I say, I’m not sure how to feel. Is this something you’d find useful (vs., say, just using something other than a photograph as your avatar)?

3 thoughts on “Anonymize your photo automatically

  1. i feel like this would only confuse people don’t see any real value to this except in very specific use cases.

  2. Are they encouraging the use of this on Tinder..?
    I guess face’s aren’t the main concern on that dating app anyway, if I remember correctly.

    Online Sales: If you have a marking on your face that you believe will detracts from your ability to build confidence with your customer, this might help, if all they will see is a photo. Never mind that your lying about who you really are.

    Someone under state protective services….though, if somebody’s identity must remain covert for safety reasons, use a face that has no resemblance.

    Okay…I’ve got one.
    During the summer when they go out and do silly things they want proof of, without the loss of respect from their students if they see the photo online.

    …..I can only think of illegal activities where slightly denying your physical identity would be a benefit. I’m guessing thats everyones

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