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Same Energy is a visual search engine. You can use it to find beautiful art, photography, decoration ideas, or anything else.” I recommend simply clicking it & exploring a bit, but you can also see a bit here (vid not in English, but that doesn’t really matter):

I’m using it to find all kinds of interesting image sets, like this:

As for how it works,

The default feeds available on the home page are algorithmically curated: a seed of 5-20 images are selected by hand, then our system builds the feed by scanning millions of images in our index to find good matches for the seed images. You can create feeds in just the same way: save images to create a collection of seed images, then look at the recommended images.

A Man, A Plan, A StyleGAN…

On Monday I mentioned my new team’s mind-blowing work to enable image synthesis through typing, and I noted that it builds on NVIDIA’s StyleGAN research. If you’re interested in the latter, check out this two-minute demo of how it enables amazing interactive generation of stylized imagery:

This new project called StyleGAN2, developed by NVIDIA Research, and presented at CVPR 2020, uses transfer learning to produce seemingly infinite numbers of portraits in an infinite variety of painting styles. The work builds on the team’s previously published StyleGAN project. Learn more here.

Witchcraft alert: My new Adobe team enables image transformation via text

Welcome to the rabbit hole, my friends. 🙃

What if instead of pushing pixels, you could simply tell your tools what changes you’d like to see? (Cue Kramer voice: “Why don’t you just tell me the movie…??”) This new StyleCLIP technology (code) builds on NVIDIA’s StyleGAN foundation to enable image editing simply by applying various terms. Check out some examples (“before” images in the top row; “after” below along with editing terms).

Here’s a demo of editing human & animal faces, and even of transforming cars:

By no means have I been around here long enough (five whole days!) to grok everything that’s going on here, but as I come up to speed, I’ll do my best to share what I’m learning. Meanwhile I’d love to hear your thoughts on how we might thoughtfully bring techniques like this to life.