Cut cut cut; Readymech

Maybe it’s a monkeys-on-typewriters thing (i.e., read enough RSS feeds & you’re bound to hit on some overlaps), but I keep seeing patterns in projects. This time it’s paper cutouts:

  • Cut cut cut is a competition to download and print a template (PDF), assemble it into a paper van, then customize & share the results. Some of the entries are pretty cool. (Having this creative outlet might’ve saved me a lot of time & a heck of a lot of paint on my old car.) We’ve gotta try this download-and-improve approach on the next batch of Adobe packaging. [Via]
  • Readymech is a series of “free, flatpack toys designed to fit on an 8.5”x11” and to be printed on any printer.” The PAL9000 wants a hug. From Fwis.

Of course, if paper gets passé, you can always print out magnets, or maybe some nice living human tissue.

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