Faking tilt-shift with Photoshop

Heh–a little trend seems to have grown up around giving aerial photos the appearance of miniature models, first by using tilt-shift lenses & now via Photoshop.
Photographer Olivo Barbieri’s work drew some attention a few months back, inspiring folks without tilt-shift lenses (or helicopters, for that matter) to find other ways to produce similar effects. Writer Christopher Phin whipped up a simple Photoshop tutorial, and now there’s a Flickr photo group devoted to tilt-shift fakery (here’s a good set) [Via]. A similar technique has been applied to a movie, and Boing Boing provides more good examples here.

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  1. Excellent information. Thanks a lot. before the trend really gains momentum, I’m going to fool a couple of friends… 🙂

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