Logo thievery o' the day

It’s a bit off topic, but consider it a little payback to all the comment-spammers out there. This morning I received a comment linking to a “Vasu Infotech,” who must be big hockey fans, having boosted the logo of the Colorado Avalanche. I’m actually kind of charmed by the total nakedness of the theft (as blatant as when someone did a “Save As” in IE years ago & copied the NEC site my team had built). So here ya go, spammers: you officially get one past the goalie, and it’s so that I can call out your cheesy, design-biting ways.
[Update: Since their site seems to have punked out (hah!), here’s a screenshot.]

0 thoughts on “Logo thievery o' the day

  1. Sad… “The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.”

  2. Hah, indeed. Their site seems to be back up now, but the “V” logo is gone. And even better – in its place is a quite obvious flat spot in their blue swoosh (with a few stray pixels of something darker at one end of it, even!) where it was inexpertly removed.

  3. Yes,
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    we just informing all the people and websites to keep them away.
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