720 hours in Illustrator; Painting with light

  • Think you’ve got patience and attention to detail? You’d need it to match the work of illustrator Kevin Hulsey. His site features a variety of tutorials that demonstrate techniques for building up artwork in Photoshop and Illustrator. Creating “Radiance of the Seas” took some 720 hours, and it’s fascinating to watch a fully rendered ship develop from line work in Illustrator into color in Photoshop, rendered in lavish high resolution. Kevin’s ghosting technique produces some lovely translucent results, too. [Via]
  • Playing with blending modes in Photoshop can enable some very cool painting with light (a la Picasso, not this dude). Computer Arts features a rather neat tutorial on the subject.
  • On a related note, this month’s Surface Magazine features a piece on Swedish collective Front, who use motion capture technology to sketch with light pens, then render the results as functional furniture. Check out images as they move from conception to finished pieces. Kind of reminds me of Moholy-Nagy’s Leda and the Swan. [Via]
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