Pixels a Go-Go

Think you’ve got a lot of data after starting to shoot raw? The new RED ONE camera system eats bandwidth for breakfast & then asks for thirds. The recently announced system is said to generate an insane 60fps of 4520×2540 (11.4 megapixel), 12-bit raw data (see specs). Put that in your hard drive & smoke it (literally).
Elsewhere in Tales of the Ginormous, a Microsoft researcher is stitching together hundreds of photos to make a 4-gigapixel monster (with 2.5x bigger on the horizon). And John Carmack of Doom/Quake fame is using a 5GB “MegaTexture” to power his next title. [Via]
These guys ought to hire The Humungous to be their pitch man…

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  1. Is the RED camera a product of Go-L? It sounds similar: a lot of promising technologies, bell and whistles, military-grade components… Lots of announcements, but no product available, years after… Porn for Geeks?

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