"We're huge in Japan…"

Okay, we knew people were excited about Lightroom and wanted to see more of it, but this takes things to another level. Someone (and evidently we don’t know who), impatient for a localized Japanese version, has done the translation honors him- or herself: check out this screenshot. (I’m posting it here since the site where we found it is password-protected.)
Heh–good stuff, eh? It’s a great vote of support for Lightroom, and if we can coax the mystery author to take a little credit, I’ll update this post with more info.

0 thoughts on “"We're huge in Japan…"

  1. You guys are killing me, I need a windows version! πŸ™‚ Looks awesome …
    [Heh; hang in there. It’s coming, soon, soon… –J.]

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