Remixing, Darkly

  • The creators of A Scanner Darkly have announced a competition to remix the film’s trailer. The project site hosts the source media for download & enables some online remixing; the winners’ loot includes the Adobe Production Studio Premium and a 64-bit behemoth to crank through production work. It’s cool to see content creators take a forward-thinking approach to sharing their work & enabling what Lawrence Lessig has called the Read/Write Internet.
  • Logo Thievery, Vol. II: the folks at Panic Software have some fun calling out the “pixel-poachin’, GIF-grabbin’, layout-liftin’ bandits” who’ve ganked elements of Panic designs & remixed them into their own. [Via] The particular irony is that they’re getting ripped off by designers & fellow software developers. You might think that those making a living off intellectual property would respect that of others, but no such luck.
  • Of course, some people apparently think that content creators have no business saying whether & how their work can be reused, decrying any attempt to give creators control as intolerable tyranny. Feh. I think if these guys spent their days interacting with, say, independent photographers rather than railing against impersonal media conglomerates, they’d adopt a more nuanced view.
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