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Adobe folks have started populating, the popular shared bookmarking application, with interesting bits relevant to Adobe apps & users. The root is, and from there you can go to more specific areas (e.g. or Luanne Seymour, a member of the group doing this work, hastens to point out that this effort has just begun & the set of links isn’t yet comprehensive. That said, it’s growing every day.
Hopefully this is just the start of Adobe using more creative ways to connect customers. Much, if not most, of the strength of the apps lies not in their features, but in the communities around each, yet while you’re inside Photoshop, Flash, etc., you’re effectively in isolation. Other good efforts are continuing (LiveDocs, the U2U forums, the to-be-united Adobe and Macromedia exchanges, etc.), but getting to these things still requires excessive geek-cred. We’ll work on finding simpler, more seamless ways to reveal and interact with what & who are out there.

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