Illustration sensations

  • Yukio Miyamoto creates gorgeous, photorealistic renderings using Illustrator. Click each image for a larger view, then roll over it to see a wireframe of the vectors underneath (as in this crazy Harley). [Via]
  • At lifeinvector Brooke Nuñez shows off similarly mad chops, and on her downloads page she offers a tutorial on using Illustrator’s gradient mesh to create a realistic red bell pepper. As on Yukio’s site, you can roll over illustrations to see how they’re structured. [Via]
  • Dropping jaws in an entirely different way, autistic savant Stephen Wiltshire–“the Human Camera”–has a superhuman ability to remember and reproduce visual details. In this amazing 5-minute film , Stephen draws a 5-yard panorama of Rome from the air, after seeing it just once from a helicopter. More on his life & a gallery of his work can be found on his site. [Via]
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    1. My name is Yukio Miyamoto . I am from Japan.
      It’s nice of you to introduce my site!
      Thank you so much!
      I would like to show you my new work.
      Purchasing Mac II in 1987, Illustrator uses from the initial version.
      The necessity for reality depiction has been felt
      and practiced from the first version.
      This is my opinion.
      The realism description is a basic technology.
      Without forgetting Illustrator is a tool to draw the picture.
      Do not become mesh point = bit map.

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