160 megapixels or bust

Got 28,900 Euro burning a hole in your pocket (or 45,500 CHF for all you Confoederatio Helvetica types)? If so, you can be the top kid in the canton with this 160MP crowd-pleaser from Seitz. The new device offers Gigabit Ethernet output & is said to capture 300MB of data per second, producing images of 21,250 x 7,500 pixels. And the megapixel arms race goes on… [Via Chris Quartetti]

0 thoughts on “160 megapixels or bust

  1. When will ACR support its RAW files :))))))
    [When will they donate one to our QE lab? 😉 Actually, we’d be happy to support them; we just need help in getting a bunch of those big sample files. –J.]

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