Lightroom Beta 4 has arrived

Beta 4 of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom (note the new name) has arrived on Adobe Labs. This release incorporates a great deal of user feedback* and is the first to offer feature parity between Mac (Universal since day 1) and Windows. Important changes include the following:

  • Groundbreaking changes in the way tone curve adjustments are made and displayed, giving you the highest quality results in an interface that’s easier to use than ever before. (See Martin Evening’s excellent overview of the Develop module for more details.)
  • More streamlined and elegant user interface – We’ve made several changes to the look and feel based on your feedback in the earlier beta releases.
  • Customizable interface – You can now display only the controls you want to be visible.
  • Precision white balance selection tool
  • Facility to easily rename and convert files to DNG after they’ve been imported to the Lightroom library
  • Increased interaction between Lightroom library organizational structure and the underlying file system
  • Filter and search presets to more quickly find the photographs you want
  • Better performance and improved interface for the Web module features
  • Support for the Nikon D2Xs and Sony A100, as well as preliminary support for the Canon Digital Rebel XTi (400D) and Nikon D80
  • Develop control improvements based on community feedback, including comments from the Pixmantec user community (welcome!)

PhotoshopNews carries a more detailed list of new features and known issues as well as the the press release, and the Labs site hosts galleries from Lightroom users. Let us know what you think!
* 325,000 downloaders & 3,400 participants in the Lightroom forum have provided a wealth of good info.

0 thoughts on “Lightroom Beta 4 has arrived

  1. love the competion! checkout the new apple aperture 1.5 also! 😉
    [Yep, competition is great all around (making us & everyone else sweat to be the best). –J.]

  2. Wow… an amazing performance improvement since Beta 3. It’s quick with redraws, the UI is responsive, the UI overall feels more cohesive. I feel like it’s finally a usable product on Windows…
    I have an issue, though, with the “close bar” for right-side scrolling-panel space being flush against the edge of the screen, when lightroom is fullscreen. It seems a wrong step UI wise, since other apps place the scrollbar there. My default muscle-memory moves the cursor to the edge of the screen when I want to scroll, and I end up closing the panel space instead. Why is this closebar not on the left side of the panel space?
    A better way of putting it would be “UI conventions should be broken only if there’s sufficient reason, and the UI benefit outweighs the detriment”. Is there a good reason for the close panel bar supplanting the space where the scrollbar should be?

  3. I was curious if there was a way to access the .wav files that are created with my Canon 1D Mark II when in the field through Lightroom. I use these sound files to make captions with my current iView MediaPro workflow. Thanks!

  4. Jason,
    Sorry…. we are not going to do .wav file management with v1.0. It’s a great feature request…. but we’ve simply got too many other critical features to implement for v1.0, so this one fell off the list.

  5. The custom web gallery blog post does not seem to work with beta 4. Anyone know how to make a custom web gallery with beta 4. Most importantly how to change the maximum size from 1024 to a larger size. I do not know why they would put a restriction like this.
    [Let me see whether I can gather some more info on this. –J.]

  6. Hi,
    I’ve started using V1.0 for a raw based workflow for sports shooting and captioning. So far so good. Would really love to know if the WAV file support is coming? That’s the one thing that is killing me.
    [I’m not sure, but nothing has been announced. I’ll certainly pass your feedback along to the team. –J.]
    nice product!

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