Visual Trickery, Vol. III

  • Bad Maggie, no biscuit: The Mighty Illusions blog features two takes on Margaret Thatcher’s face, highlighting the way our brains interpret shapes differently based on orientation and context. (Try scrolling the page slowly, so that you see only the first pair of images before looking at the second, inverted pair.) [Via]
  • Artist Harvey Opgenorth does “Museum Camouflage,” placing himself in front of well known pieces of art, using thrift-store salvage to blend into them. [Via] He shares some theory on it here. (Reminds me of that wallpaper shirt from Garden State.)

[See previous I and II.]

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  1. For the tour-de-force of blending into backgrounds, check out Veruschka’s (aka Vera Lehndorff) book “Transfigurations”. She uses body paint to blend in to a number of dramatic backgrounds. Unfortunately the book ( is out of print, but well worth tracking down.

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