Paint blows up real good

The Sony Bravia "Paint" ad (also available in high res–requires QT7) looks like someone doused the Bellagio fountains with a tanker full of Punky Colour.  The spot took 10 days and 250 people to film, not to mention 5 days and 60 people just to clean up.  (Putting your eco-worries to rest, they say, "A special kind of non-toxic paint was used that is safe enough to drink.")  [Via Paul Ramsbottom]

Meanwhile Turkish film studio Imago New Media has created OÏO, featuring paint "catapulted into the air, filmed by a high-speed camera and then composited with other catapulted paint footage."  Here’s a clip.  (The soundtrack has "deservedly obscure James Bond score" written all over it.) [Via]

See also the first Bravia spot (high res), featuring colored balls cavorting around SF.

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  1. Actually Rene Dupere has written many of the Cirque du Soleil scores. Although I will give you the obscure Bond link…it does sort sound like a shaken martini.

  2. John, we (imago) did not create OIO project. I guess you have seen my post on motionographer, but the credit goes to the French author who’s name I cannot recall at the moment.
    All we can be credited with (in regard to OIO) is reporting it to Justin from Motionographer site.
    [Okay, thanks for the info, Quba. –J.]

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