More stellar imagery (literally)

  • The Photoshop team got a treat today when astro photographer David Malin paid us a visit.  David shared a selection of his work and techniques with the team, and put in some good requests (some of which we are delighted to be addressing).  His site features a wealth of photos, including 50 Favourite Images from the Anglo-Australian Observatory. 
  • Along similar lines, I recently discovered a collection of 100 Great Images from the Hubble, as well as this stunner.  And speaking of the famous telescope, in response to the news that it’s been decided to keep the Hubble flying (yeah!), the NYT has posted a short essay on the history of "NASA’s Comeback Kid." As always, if you want to open the raw imagery from the Hubble directly in Photoshop, check out the free FITS Liberator plug-in.
  • My friend Phil Metschan, an art director at ILM, has created some concept art for his rocket-science brother’s proposed space flight technology. (More pix are on pp. 41-45 of the PDF.)  It’s kind of funny for me to think that just a few years ago Phil and I were in NYC, building the Gucci site in Flash.  Seems a world away now…

[At the other end of the size spectrum, David has created some beautiful micrographs from very tiny subjects (crystals, etc.).  The images remind me a bit of Mac pioneer Bill Atkinson‘s ridiculously lovely coffee table book Within the Stone.]

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