Lightroom Podcast #23: Jay Maisel & Richard Benson

Adobe Pro Photography Evangelist George Jardine is kicking his podcasting game up a notch, now adding video content. On Monday Oct. 30th George visited Richard Benson’s home in Newport, Rhode Island, where he spoke with Richard and Jay Maisel about Richard’s latest work with inkjet printers. George writes,

This “video” podcast includes photos taken by Richard, as well as photos documenting the occasion taken by both myself and by Thomas Palmer. It can be viewed by downloading it directly into iTunes (if you are accessing it by subscribing via the Music Store), or by copying it into iTunes on either a Mac or a PC (if you’ve downloaded it from my iDisk). Once copied into iTunes, it can be transferred to a Video iPod, and viewed that way as well. When viewing it on an iPod, be sure to access the video from the Video menu (then “Movies” or “Video Podcasts”…. depending upon how you downloaded it), and NOT from the Music menu. If you access it from the Music menu, you will not see the photographs.

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