Poetry in motion

  • The Time Fountain uses strobing LEDs to let you interact with water in slow motion.  Check out the amazing video. [Via]
  • Furniture maker DB Fletcher has devised some insanely cool, radially expanding tables, presented in videos on their site. (There’s gotta be a pun here about leaving leaves in the dust, but I’m wisely avoiding it.  Well, I was…) [Via]
  • Watchismo features a beautiful "tourbillon" wristwatch from Richard Mille. [Via]
  • The intro copy is a wee bit self important, but TAG Heuer’s belt-driven watch (!) is a piece of work–and far cooler than their blinged-up, €100,000 Diamond Fiction Watch.
  • For more chornographic goodness, see also the Core77/Timex contest on The Future of Time.

0 thoughts on “Poetry in motion

  1. Time fountain, pretty amazing contraption. Well John the good news is – there’s no airplane glue involved.
    [Yes, but those fumes helped me ignore the pain of the Xacto. 😉 –J.]

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