Photos of Adobe at night

Photoshop engineer Chris Bailey says he was killing time recently, installing Linux on a bunch of Adobe servers, and snapped some cool shots of the Adobe San Jose courtyard/basketball court/bocce ball enclave. (And as with all things Flickr, if you’re visiting through Safari, you owe it to yourself to download the free, cinematic PicLens viewer.) Chris also captured some time-lapse shots of the ever-present, always slightly unnerving low-flying planes overhead.

For more shots of the friendly confines, see Jeff Schewe’s story, A Visit to Adobe.  And here’s the same courtyard from space.

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  1. Hi John:
    Many thanks for posting about PicLens, and for your encouraging comments to Flickr users.
    We’re working on a Firefox version right now and will definitely let you know when it comes out.
    Thanks, again.
    –Alec & The Cooliris Team
    ——————————-– preview links– cinematic views for the web
    [My pleasure, Alec. It’s such neat, elegant stuff. –J.]

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