Mo' betta Photoshop CS3 resources

To the list of excellent content posted Thursday night, I’m pleased to add the following:

  • Author Deke McClelland has posted some 80 minutes of detailed videos (with exercise files) in’s Photoshop CS3 Beta One-on-One Preview.
  • Photographic workflow expert Peter Krogh has updated his excellent RapidFixer extension for Bridge & offers a new 20-minute video on how to integrate it into production.
  • offers a detailed, 2,000-word intro from AGI‘s Christopher & Jennifer Smith.
  • Ben Long is a busy man, posting a hands-on overview at Digit Online and a First Look for Macworld.
  • Photographer Uwe Steinmuller posts his CS3 intro, paying particular attention to the new Camera Raw & taking Zoomify for a spin.
  • Author/videoographer Richard Harrington says his CS3 podcast hit #1 in the iTunes software category today.  He hopes to update it every day, and his RSS feed is here.
  • Photographer Mark Galer has posted his first video podcast about CS3, with plans for more to come.
  • Amadou Diallo is posting his own set of videos to his photography blog.

I apologize if I’ve missed anyone (nothing personal at all–just tough to juggle in all the excitement!). As always, feel free to list your own finds in the comments.

0 thoughts on “Mo' betta Photoshop CS3 resources

  1. Thanks for sharing this fantastic list of resources. I linked to it from a post I wrote on CS3. On it I also listed a question I had in terms of having CS2 and CS3 installed side by side and some quirks we noticed occurring in that case when trying to open legacy files saved within CS3. If you can comment on it, I’d appreciate it.
    BTW, on a completely sidenote, there’s a weird behavior when you try to tab through the fields in the comment form on your blog (I also noticed it in Scott’s). When you tab, it sends the page scrolling back to the top, instead of staying where it’s at and moving the cursor down to the next field. Not the end of the world, but I thought I’d mention it, because I am a usability freak! 🙂

  2. Do you have any idea when PS3 Beta will accept S/n’s fron CS2 Download Adobe Receipt?? My trial down load about to end in one day.
    [Have you tried again since last night? We made some changes late yesterday that should make things work properly. –J.]

  3. Critical !!! Keyboard Shortcut System needs Urgent Overhaul
    One of the most important Apps in the world, one of the weakest shortcut systems in existence.
    Hundreds of great features behind a maze of menu’s and crtl-alt-shifts.
    Single-Key custom keyboard shortcuts need to be implemented (As in the excellent InDesign system).
    Why is it that we need to press the crtl modifier when defining keyboard shortcuts to utilize the unused numpad keys or any other key?! At least implement Single-Key numpad shortcuts (Illustrator is the same way unfortunately)
    Photoshop Actions need the option to be mapped to the Numpad Keys instead of just F2 thru F12, or ideally to any key (including F1, I don’t need ‘Photoshop Help’ to eliminate all the hotkey combinations of F1). Why Limit us when accessing actions are so neccessarry?
    I use InDesign as much as photoshop and the keyboard customization is exhaustive. You can define ANYTHING (menu items, tools, scripts, and any function) to use a Single-Keypress in different contexts. This has boosted my productivity immensely. It is hard to fathom why InDesign’s sister products have failed to implement it’s obviously superior system.
    With photoshop’s branching menus and features always growing, users need single-press keys to access these great new features customized around the way that we work. I should be able to designate the letter “N” to create a new layer instead of selecting the “Note Tool” which is not in my workflow. Now I know that the hard-coded Crtl-Shift-N may seem to some as easy but I want to make the experience easier. Indesign has the system, why not The Shop?
    Final Note:
    Computer Interfaces are Visual and Physical, you’ve improved the Visual interface tremendously, please improve the physical interface so that i’m interacting transparently with the program. The keyboard has 102 keys, give them some attention please. I will get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by making round trips to the menu’s in photoshop because of it’s lack of a refined shortcut system (custom menu’s don’t cut it).
    My Numpad is crying out to be touched with 16 Single-Key shortcuts that create Curves adjustment layers, run actions and scripts, initiate filter dialogs, run menu items, etc
    One of the most important Apps in the world, one of the weakest shortcut systems in existence.
    Hundreds of great features behind a maze of menu’s and crtl-alt-shifts.
    someone hear my CRY! Others who feel the same way please push this concept up the chain to Chizen’s Ears

  4. I’d join the suggestion for liberal keyboard customizations… Lots and lots of room for improvement there.
    [For whatever reason, though, very few people make any significant customizations. I’m not disagreeing that flexibility is great, but it’s kind of amazing how few people bother to use it (even when they know it’s there. –J.]

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