Photoshop CS3 mini-SDK released

It’s critical that Adobe help developers get up to speed in updating their plug-ins to run natively on Intel-based Macs, so we’ve posted a Photoshop CS3 mini-SDK that contains the needed info.  The SDK, along with the CS and CS2 versions, is a free download once you fill out a simple form.

We’ve been working with many developers for several months, and some plug-ins (e.g. Noise Ninja) have aready been updated to run natively.  Hopefully the wide exposure of the public beta will help the needed info reach the developers we haven’t already been able to contact.

On a related note, developers may want to update their plug-ins to be able run as non-destructive Smart Filters in CS3.  The docs are a bit scarce on this point since we wanted to focus on the Mac/Intel issues, but the Dissolve example in the SDK includes the Smart Filter flag.

[Update: Developers can discuss the SDK and related work on the CS3 Labs forum or via the mailing list.]

0 thoughts on “Photoshop CS3 mini-SDK released

  1. With that news, I might have considered you PS folks gods… or at least wonderful, sparkling holiday spirits.
    But no, thanks to the (apparent) failure of the developer login apparatus, I must regard you instead as Sirens, tempting me closer and closer, only to dash my hopes against the cruel rocks of clumsy authentication protocols and lost socket connections…
    [Really? That’s really disappointing, as I thought things were now running better. Maybe I can follow up with you and get more details of what you’re seeing. Sorry that the process is a drag. –J.]

  2. I don’t know if it’s anything you’re responsible for, or if some mysterious problem on my system(s) just cleared up, but I can download it now. Yay!
    I know what I’ll be doing on Christmas. All right, maybe I’ll watch my daughter open her presents, and help her play with her toys, and have dinner, and celebrate, but after that…

  3. I love Photoshop and I love the fact that Photoshop CS3 is going to be native to my Intel Mac! Given that, I realize this is far too late so I hope it will make it to CS4?
    I hope that my plug-ins can update too–I’ll ask the developers.
    – Image Ready has a feature of drag-drop history features to make an action. I wish for that for Photoshop as well.
    – I’d love a great font management system in Photoshop. The Mac has something called Fontbook, but it can’t manage fonts in Photoshop, but if Adobe were to build something similar so one doesn’t have to shuffle through 1,000 different fonts and can make their own categories, I’d be in heaven. That would help me sort and find fonts quickly and easily–but I wouldn’t say it should be a substitute for the system already in a place, just an extra feature. If it was in Windows as well I’m sure Windows users would also love it. This would be great to have across the Adobe Creative Suite. My Typography teacher was aching for one. I think it would also greatly help the advertising sector.
    – An option (preferences, probably with a warning it will add to file size) to save previous history states after closing out of Photoshop. Sometimes my machine will crash and I’d like to go back 10 history states… because I know what I did was wrong but now I’m stuck with it. Having this as an option will allow people to actually close Photoshop and do things like upgrade to the next version without sweating if they don’t like what they’re doing now later.
    – Guidelines in transform. When I go to free transform sometimes I click out a guideline, but if I don’t commit then I have to redo it. However, if I’ve mistakenly clicked off of the guideline and done something to the image, I want to be able to keep the guideline (which is easy to get rid of), but not commit the image (which is not easy to get rid of)
    Thank you very much.
    I’ll see if the developers of my favorite plug-ins are going to migrate…

  4. That part of the SDK is free again is good news.
    But why have I been waiting since June 2006 for the “Advanced” CS2 SDK? (That’s when I handed my signed 14-page agreement to an Adobe employee.)
    What is the road map for the SDK anyway? Is it going to be freer in future, or more closed? Since v6 the policy has changed repeatedly in irrational ways. If the explanation isn’t corporate paranoia (somebody might clone our host interface! Again!) then I don’t know what it is.

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