Sculptures in light

This is the season of lights, so it seems fitting to illuminate some recent finds:

  • United Visual Artists has created Volume, a super-cool interactive installation that "responds spectacularly to human movement, creating a series of audio-visual experiences." Tons of great photos are on their site (note the little slideshow controls under the main image), and you can see the movement in this video (also in high res from Motionographer). [Via]
  • The Orb is a high-speed glowing sculpture, formed by 64 LEDs spinning at 1600 RPM. [Via]
  • Architect Rand Elliott has been commissioned to create POPS, a 66-foot, LED-clad pop bottle that will sit alongside Route 66. Metropolis Magazine has the story, along with shots of Elliott’s work, including a wireframe of POPS and the 100-foot-high Beacon of Light at the Oklahoma Health Center.  See also shots of POPS being erected. [Via Jack Liggett]
  • Closer to earth but still fun, the Flying Spaghetti Monster is made of Christmas lights [Via]

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