Photos of the Year 2006

  • The NYT has posted its Year in Pictures, featuring images of war, politics, sports, and more.  It’s amazing how quickly events can fade from our (or at least my) consciousness, often just months after they occur.
  • MSNBC has some terrific galleries from this past year.  (Bet you’ve never seen a bull doing a headstand before.) See also Time’s collection.
  • The Photography Blog features an interview with German photographer Gerd Ludwig, named Photographer of the Year at the Lucie Awards.  His journeys through the former USSR produce images both grim & transcendent.   (On going digital, "I turned my film fridge into a wine cooler," he says.) [Via]
  • Chernobyl is the subject of an intense and difficult portfolio from Paul Fusco. I found it among Slate’s excellent collection of interactive essays from Magnum photographers.  See also Martin Parr’s take on the "flotsam and jetsam of the Western world."
  • Mexican crime photographer Enrique Metinides captures a rough world–supermarket shootouts, wounded actresses, and more.  Additonal work is featured in the Anton Kern Gallery [Via]
  • Slight non sequitur: I don’t know why I find the idea of a wooden digital camera so charming, but I do. [Via]

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