Mechanical insects & more

Interesting design/photography bits:

  • Graham Owen creates insanely realistic flies for fishing.   (I’ve spent a good part of the Christmas break cat-fishing; wonder what Graham could do in the way of a felt mouse.)  He even offers a step-by-step tutorial on creating flies.  [Via]
  • And if that’s not realistic (or weird) enough for you, there’s Mike Libby’s Insect Lab,"an artist-operated studio that customizes real insects with antique watch parts and electronic components." [Via]
  • Speaking of animals+electronics, the Woofer‘s name works on two levels.  I wonder if he’s related to this pup.
  • Artist Cai Guo-Qiang gets crazy with animals real (dead wolves a go-go; an unfortunate tiger going out like St. Sebasian) and imagined (explosive dragon skeleton) [Via]
  • The NYT features some beautiful shots of northern Japan’s disappearing world of draft horse racing.

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0 thoughts on “Mechanical insects & more

  1. It would be nice to stick to only Adobe related topics in this forum. That seems to be the John Nack forté. Anything other than this makes me wonder what Adobe even has to do with this site. Please get back to what you’re good at covering.
    [I consider design and photography to be inherently Adobe-related. Not everything is going to resonate with everybody, which is fine. A fair number of people seem to enjoy the occasional tangential bits, while I’m sure others don’t. Anyway, a guy has to take a break from writing up “The Secret Lives of Smart Objects” now and then. 😉 –J.]

  2. I like the tangential bits myself.
    I for one like seeing the interesting creative things that are going on in the world, and sometimes it give me the fire to keep going on those insanely long days.
    [Heh–cool. Yeah, I feel the same, as I spend 12h/day in Entourage, of all places. A little visual spark now and then provides a good reminder of what’s possible, and why it’s worth bothering to make design tools. –J.]

  3. I agree with Andrew, I enjoy much of the info that’s posted here. And the variety is interesting too.
    Sometimes its helpful nuts & bolts Photoshop stuff and other times its really interesting bits & pieces of stuff that generally has to do with digital photography or a visual spark of some sort.
    John must sleep with his blog on, think he’s taken 1 day off from here.

  4. Count me in as one of your numbers fair. Those tangential bits are inspirational, especially when one has a drawing block (pun intended).

  5. Those flies are awe-inspiring. I would simply be afraid to fish with them, substituting my own hand wrought damsels and such while keeping these gems in a display case in my office or even home.
    I’d also like to photograph them to add to my collection of small life photographs.
    [Great stuff, Bryan! –J.]

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