Atmospheric photography

  • Marc Pawliger passed along this gallery from, containing some interesting time lapse stuff.  Shots like this one make me remember how much I have yet to learn about my camera.  As the text is in French, I can’t read much of it, but I think "Arc de brume" sounds great. [Update: Here’s the site in English.]
  • Seeking atmosphere of a different kind, Nicole Bengiveno has captured some beautiful impressions around NYC.  (The music may or may not be your cup of tea; I preferred to nuke it and focus just on the visuals.) [Via]

0 thoughts on “Atmospheric photography

  1. If you think those are good you really need to check these out.
    [1] [2] [3] [4]
    The guy who took the pictures name is Amundn and he’s obviously very talented. There’s more information about him on the site.
    [Wild! Thanks for the links. –J.]

  2. Hi all and happy new year,
    I’m the author of the Website you’re talking about in “atmospheric gallery”. This Website is available in English too! You just have to try by yourself by clicking here.
    See you soon “at home” :o)
    [Excellent–thanks, Laurent. I’ll update the link in the post. –J.]

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