Come say hey at Macworld, Apple Store this week

If you’ll be in San Francisco this week, we’d love to see you at the Adobe booth at Macworld (starting tomorrow).  I’ll be booth-babing Thursday and Friday afternoons 1-4pm ("Does this tradeshow shirt make my app look big?"), and on Wednesday afternoon from 3-4pm I’ll be presenting the Photoshop CS3 beta at the Apple Store in SF.  I’ll be joined by InDesign PM Chad Siegel, who just may have some Intel-native page-layout kickassery to show.  (Okay, it’s more than "may.")  Hope to see you one place or the other.

[Update: Whether at home or in person, you can play the Macworld Drinking Game.]

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  1. Does this mean I have to randomly scream at people about fonts hoping one of them is you? đŸ˜‰
    [Oh, by all means: it’s not a “have to,” it’s a “get to“! And I find that after a long shift on my feet, answering the same 6 questions over and over (when will it ship, what will it cost, etc.), nothing chills me out like some random screaming. ;-D –J.]

  2. ohh, I’d love to go there but it’s a pretty long way from london;]. readers of this blog do expect a nice coverage from the author with photos!

  3. I’d love to come and yell at you in person too, John, about various UI things in CS3. But, alas, I’m stuck in Oslo — so I hope you’ll have a blast answering polite questions about shipping and costs. đŸ™‚

  4. Photoshop and Illustrator graphics combine with code to create Flash Mobile applications utilized by many on mobile devices around the globe. But will they be available on “the device”?
    Adobe Solutions Designers and Developers unable to provide rich user experiences via the mobile device from the masters of user experience? Will the iPhone have flash support?
    [I don’t know. I’m really hesitant to say anything, given that I have nothing to do with those conversations, but I think it’s pretty clear that Flash on the iPhone would make for a sweet, solid browsing experience. We shall see. –J.]
    Comment from other Adobe forums:

    “As a Developer who utilizes Adobe Solutions, I would be very excited at the prospect of developing Flash Platform Solutions for the iPhone. WIth both technologies aimed at providing a beautiful experience, it’s a match made in heaven. Unfortunately, with Adobe’s blatant neglect of the MacWorld over recent years, I wouldn’t be surprised if Adobe Solutions aren’t coming first to Apple’s mind when it comes to hosted runtimes. I don’t think Apple would blatantly oust Adobe, but I could see why accomodating Flash might not rapidly surface.

    I’ve been urging Adobe for years to stop treating Mac Users like second class citizens. Although their numbers may be smaller, they often lead the innovatiion charge. Flex Builder 2 for Mac OS X is still in beta; waiting a year to begin dealing out Universal Binary’s has been utterly pathetic, and even now Adobe UB’s are limited and beta; and the resurgence of Premiere is nothing but a too little too late vain attempt. So will Apple put a lot of time and attention into incorporating Flash into it’s phone? I wouldn’t hold my breath. We Flash Platform developers are simply going to have to wait for other phone manufacturer’s to come out with their cheaper “me-too” clone-jobs which will most definitely provide a much uglier user experience. This is one of the aspects of the Adobe/Macromedia aquisition that has bothered me most and has really led some of us to struggle with our decision to continue to utilize Macromedia solutions. I hope Adobe decides to get it’s act together on this matter very soon. –haleOnEarth”

    “It’s unfortunate but true… in recent years other than help close the symbiot circle of technological innovation by working with companies like Apple and Google, Adobe has shunned those companies and their users by devoting too much time to placating the drab world of Windows. More and more Adobe is becoming like Microsoft. In other words, they just don’t “get it” anymore.
    The iphone has shown us that the world doesn’t need Flash in order to provide a rich mobile experience. It’s also sad that so many Flash Developers don’t understand the finer craft of impeccable design when it comes to aesthetics, response, and many other qualities in the department of how an application actually “feels”. There’s an invisible aspect to Apple’s creations that transcends the tangible, and it’s not the code behind the scenes (although that’s part of what helps carry it out) but rather it’s the undescribable feeling user’s experience when using Apple products; something that delivers a pleasant and oft times enjoyable experience on a levels beyond those picked up by only the five senses. If Adobe ever had even an inkling of an inkling regarding the vitality behind that kind of craftsmanship, they sure don’t anymore. -Minh C.”

    [There’s not much useful I can say to most of this, because no matter what Adobe does, it won’t be enough for some people. A lot of us labored day and night to bring the Photoshop beta to Intel-based Macs as quickly as possible, but some folks are going to ignore or pooh-pooh that. Sure, fine, as you like. And of course, bringing Lightroom to the Mac six months ahead of brining it to Windows (not to mention delivering it Intel-native several months ahead of Aperture!) is never mentioned.
    But I will say this: No one ever claimed that Flash was the only way to deliver rich experience on handheld devices. Rather, Macromedia & now Adobe have made the case that it’s an excellent, rich, lightweight, cost-effective way to develop for mobile, PCs & Macs, and more–not that it’s the *only* way to target those devices. Therefore having animation on an iPhone puts the lie to an argument that never existed. –J.]

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