65MPx Mother of All Touchscreens

The folks at Virginia Tech’s GigaPixel Project have been busy, creating a 50-monitor display prototype.  Comprised of 21" flat-panel touchscreen monitors (the perfect complement to this stuff?), and driven by a cluster of 25 small PCs, the setup promises a resolution of at least 12,800×5120 (65,536,000 pixels).  To afford the sucker, you could do what David Pogue suggested for that 108" Sharp TV: build a new house with the display as one of the walls (waterproofing recommended).  They’ve also done what any good college students should, rigging up a 24-monitor display wall to play Quake.  [Via Jon Williams]

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  1. Folks who want mondo-big screens with smaller price tags should check out Scalable Display Technologies. These MIT whiz kids use several projectors overlapping to make a single huge screen. The computer controlling the projectors photographs the output with an SLR, and uses the photo to distort and calibrate the projectors’ output so they match up perfectly. I saw them at SIGGRAPH last summer – it’s a clever idea with great results.
    [Groovy. Thanks for the info. –J.]

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