The Dutch curse Dreamweaver (?!)

No no, they don’t, really! Actually, the folks I’ve met seem quite fond of it, especially when given a taste of what’s planned for the upcoming release. That said, my heart skipped a beat when I opened a design mag in Amsterdam yesterday and read the headline, “Cursus: Adobe Dreamweaver.” “Oh man, these guys must think the Adobe-MM integration is going sour,” I thought–then quickly pulled it together. “Cursus,” I learned, are “courses.” So, may the Netherlands be full of cursus for Dreamweaver for years to come!
Here in Milan (yet another place I’ll see exclusively from the window of a cab; 20 hours from wheels down to wheels up), I’m talking up multimedialità (such a nice sound); learning that Nack, Germany really does exist (nestled in Rheinland-Pfalz, says Thorsten Wulff); and finding out that my surname is a common first name in Cambodia (hello, Nack Ath). Sorry; so much for not making this As the Nack Turns…

0 thoughts on “The Dutch curse Dreamweaver (?!)

  1. LOL
    Seriously, the Dw users I know (being Dutch myself) are full of anticipation for Adobe’s next versions of Dw and Fw. Especially after trying the improved interface of Ps has given us a hint about what to expect.
    [Cool! –J.]

  2. John, shame I missed the session yesterday but hey, we’ve got cursus for everything 😉
    However – judging the overwhelming amount of emails I received after opening up the beta for the Dutch version of Dreamweaver, see – we might have to redo some of these cursus with localized screenshots 😉
    [Hey Waldo–too bad we missed you. (Yours is one of the names that I think would look most excellent on a splash screen.) I agree with your reader that having DW in Dutch is “goed nieuws” indeed. 🙂 –J.]

  3. You had me there. I just read the headline in my newsreader! It would seem over here in the Netherlands everybody is very pro-Adobe. Everywhere I go I find Adobe enthusiasts. Or is it just me being so enthusiastic I scare away the Quark-heads? LOL!
    [Heh–well, you’ll get no complaints from me if you keep it up! 😉 –J.]

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