What does Marcellus Wallace look like?

That’s the question on Sam Jackson’s mind in this little (and profane) typographic study.  See also a second, apparently independent take on the same idea. [Via]  On other typographic notes:

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  1. Hi John, I just noticed, for the first time today, Snap preview on your blog. Is this a new addition? It surprised me enough to feel like commenting on it… I think your blog was great without it. I enjoy reading your blog everyday and I come here excited to see what you’re going to talk about or link to next. A big part of the fun is following the links that you find interesting enough to share with us. With Snap the links become distractions and pull readers out of the flow of an enjoyable experience. I already trust you – that’s why I’m here, if you’re linking to it, that’s good enough for me – I don’t need to see what the site I’m about to visit looks like. Just something to consider – I’ll keep reading either way (I may just have to install a blocker). Thanks.
    [Thanks for the feedback, Dan. I just installed the functionality and have to play with the settings. I also intend to post an entry asking for feedback, but I haven’t yet had a chance. –J.]

  2. I loathe the Snap previews. The first thing I did was figure out how to configure AdBlock to eliminate them. (http://www.boingboing.net/2007/02/02/how_to_disable_snap_.html)
    [Yeah, after a little time living with them, I agree that they’re too intrusive. I’ve been trying to configure them to appear only when you mouse over a little icon next to each link, but the code for doing that isn’t playing nicely with my site. Therefore I expect I’ll end up pulling them entirely. –J.]

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