What Is In the Box?

"Step 1: Make a SWF of a box…"

Adobe has posted a little teaser site, complete with a short video (no, not that video)…  [Via] In <cough> completely unrelated news <cough>, the company has announced that we’ll be announcing (not shipping) the CS3 product line on March 27th.  (I’m just relieved that neither Justin Timberlake nor the producers of SE7EN seem to be involved.)

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  1. I love the new campaign, though I did feel that the teaser vid on YouTube was a little long.
    [Yeah, I hear you. “Okay, you have a spinning box, we get it…” ;-P –J.]
    It definitely captures the interaction/collaboration between the different Adobe apps… I cannot wait to see what all CS3 has in store for us…

  2. http://whatisinthebox.co.uk/
    My sincere Kompliments to the brilliant fellows who wrote that DAMN neat little Flash app — interactive 3D with speed blur! Awesome.
    [Indeed. For more 3D Flash goodness, peep Papervision. –J.]
    Of course, this whole “box” ad campaign is damn infuriating in its secretiveness . . . but you can’t be held accountable for that, right, since you’re “not in marketing”?! Snort.
    [I have a rich fantasy life. –J.]

  3. And here I was thinking well I have finally found a real genuine sincere tech that has philosophy and altruistic righteousness in his heart, and now THIS. I am taking a ativan and going to take a nap.
    [When you wake up, please let me know what you’re talking about. πŸ˜‰ –J.]

  4. I can only imagine that that incredibly long and boring Ad. had the same effect on Alex that it had on me ……… just one long YAWN?!
    [105 seconds now = “incredibly long.” It’s quite a time to be alive. –J.]

  5. I can only say that that “105 seconds” seemed interminable!
    I didn’t time it β€” but I could have sworn that I was watching that clip for three times as long β€” and the denouement was not worth the wait!

  6. Ok, I am sorry John, but I just have had it with not just the yearly ( seems like) new release of the latest version of photoshop 7, CS, CS2, and now CS3–
    [Photoshop 7 shipped 5 years ago. By the time CS3 ships, CS2 will have been shipping for nearly a full two years. –J.]
    ok they improve each one just a little and then want the money again. I am still paying for CS2, and I feel that corporate america is playing me for a sucker to buy and buy. What’s wrong with some gratitude for the billions of profit Adobe has seen? How about- CS3 is free to all Adobe CS2 owners?
    [It’s our job to deliver enough value that you’ll want to upgrade. If CS3 isn’t worth the money to you, don’t buy it. –J.]

  7. thanks John for all the info! and since you’re answering to every post in this entry, here’s my shoot …pleease..:
    if i purchase photoshop cs2 today or after 27th and since you wouldn’t be shipping immediately – as far as i understand i’d get cs2 and later cs3 for free?
    [I’m afraid I don’t have any details I can share along those lines. –J.]
    will you have cs3 to cs3 extended upgrade? but the main question: if i’d like to upgrade to creative suite or any other bundle later: currently you’re offering upgrades from previous version of photoshop or creative suite. so- if i get ps cs2, i should be able to upgrade to creative suite v3 but- if buying ps cs2 and getting cs3 free (since it was/will be announced) i finish with having ps cs3- will i be able to UPGRADE to any creative studio v3 bundle, or i’d have to buy it fresh? or ps cs3 upgrade to full studio will cost similar as upgrade from ps cs2..
    i very hope you can answer without official price announcement or other details. the question actually is- is it safe to buy ps cs2 these days or i could get spoiled due to not flexible enough upgrade policies? thanks.
    [Man, sorry, wish I could be more helpful here. :-\ –J.]

  8. John, I admire your sober restraint in replying to that Alex person: “I feel that corporate america is playing me for a sucker to buy and buy…”
    My reply: “OK, Alex, so go ahead — feel like a sucker, for you obviously are one, so why shouldn’t you feel like one? But it so happens that Adobe built its success — and maximized their shareholders’ profits, which is every corporation’s moral obligation — on catering to SMART people by producing DAMN SMART software. The few thousand dollars I have paid over the last 15 years to Adobe for first-time purchases and upgrades is a mere pittance compared to all the superb technologies which Adobe has showered me with — and which has enriched my life in a multitude of ways. And Adobe has immeasurably enriched your life, too — even if you never paid them a cent: for all the great graphics we see all around us every day in our digital age is principally due to Adobe’s technology. Adobe doesn’t owe you or me any ‘gratitude’ — but you and I sure owe Adobe plenty of gratitude.”

  9. What Adobe for some reason fails to realize is that I would buy a new upgrade each time even if it only had ONE great new feature.
    I wish they didn’t think they had to re-invent the wheel each time. Alex might not get every update, but the majority of us would. The money for that 2002-style flash banner ad should have been spent on bonuses for the Smart Layers team, not to persuade the already-comitted.

  10. If CS3 is in that box, that first user isn’t going to do much with that G4. πŸ™‚
    [Actually, I ran CS3 happily on my PowerBook G4 for almost a year and a half before switching to this new MacBook Pro. Adobe doesn’t have a hardware business, so we want to make the software run faster on all systems–not just the newest ones. –J.]
    I like the YouTube ad, but agree that it’s way too long.

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