Beautiful patterns in nature & beyond

  • Robert Hodgin is a creative force.  It seems his Flight404 has been an inspiration as long as I can remember, and now he shares the lovely Magnetosphere.  This–this–is what I want using Photoshop to be like–totally alive, reactive, surprising (cf. that Hands video I mentioned earlier).  Robert discusses its creation here.
  • The piece reminds me of the Eskimo Nebula, seen in NASA’s Image of the Day archive. [Via]
  • Jeff Schewe captured some captivating patterns in icebergs in Antarctica last month. My favorite bits start roughly halfway through the gallery.
  • Peep the gardens to be found in Petri dishes. [Via]
  • Marc Pawliger points out a gallery of cool flame fractals.

5 thoughts on “Beautiful patterns in nature & beyond

  1. Here here, I’ll surely update my PS7 then.
    Well PS in all its versions has always been 1 or 2 outta those 3. And thanks again for all the interesting posts. (Do we pay at the end of each month for all the posts? Or is it weekly?)
    “This–this–is what I want using Photoshop to be like–totally alive, reactive, surprising…”

  2. This doesn’t relate specifically to this particular blog entry, but I wanted to make you aware of the movie “Stranger than Fiction”. In the DVD version, there is a featurette on the GUI interface that was created for the movie by MK12 Studios. I figured it was right up your alley.
    [Definitely up my alley–thanks. I saw the movie last fall and really enjoyed the understated graphics sequences (a great complement to the magic realism of the storytelling), to the point of watching the credits for more info. I couldn’t track down info worth posting, but I’ll do a little more Googling in case it’s now part of the MK12 reel. –J.]

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