Friday photography

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  1. Jeremy’s site looks great! Although it has a bunch of photos the site still downloads fast. Once you go through it you’ll have various emotions within you as shown by the different photos in there.
    By the way, some of you links aren’t working. Some of them directed me a 404 Error. Horse goatee and dog shots, for instance, directed me to a non-existing page. The intriguing flying dogs page doesn’t work in some browser like Firefox.
    [That’s a drag, as I guess some “link rot” has set in (i.e. stuff changing in the time since I posted it). –J.]

  2. All of these look really cool for the most part. The ones that impressed me the most were the Kazuhiko Kawahara and Jeremy Cowart works. Like the previous poster said, his site is great and very user friendly with the download speed. I also agree that Jeremy’s stuff is brimming with a lot of emotion where as Kawahara is almost the complete opposite in a lot of his pieces, focusing on cold, mechanical images yet still remaining aesthetically pleasing. I went through their work back to back and they really seemed to balance one another out. Does anyone know if they themselves or any other GD’s have put together any sort of tutorial on how to achieve near or identical quality in the finished product?

  3. I’m not sure if it’s my connection but it seems like the links you posted here no longer exist. When I checked each of them I got a 404 error.
    [Hmm; they’re working for me. –J.]

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