Human-powered cursors, Laser skate art, more

//na// Having survived both the Ides & St. Pat’s with toga & liver intact, I feel like celebrating with some assorted design inspiration I’ve uncovered recently:

0 thoughts on “Human-powered cursors, Laser skate art, more

  1. More amazing finds by the Nack.
    Although when you start your post with liver & toga…that should be our clue that you’ve found some unusual links.
    [“Cleared for weird,” as they say… –J.]

  2. Awesome links for the skate deck artwork. Why not top it off with custom grip tape? CB Burnside (my neighbor) set up this company:
    [Cool. Lasers are a long way from my days of decorating grip tape via paint pens. 😉 –J.]

  3. The human cursors is just TOO much, I have not stopped laughing since yesterday. I wish I knew what they are saying. How do you find this stuff? Too cool.

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