Know when to fold 'em

//na// If those mammoth screens get to be too much, rest your scalded eyeballs with the help of some paper:

  • Thomas Allen makes dioramas from the covers of old pulp novels. Seems like they’re popping up (er, sorry) everywhere, from the cover of James Ellroy novels to the pages of (I think) GQ. [Via] Turning old images into "2-and-a-half-D" creations reminds me of The Kid Stays in the Picture, a film that achieved a similar effect using old photos plus Photoshop and After Effects (popping characters off their backgrounds, panning across them to introduce a sense of depth).
  • The folks at the ni9e blog have fun (and no doubt baffle stewardesses) making paper-based visualizations of SkyMall demographics.
  • If you’ve got more time (and skills) than money, thank your waiter with some cash origami. [Via]
  • Okay, it’s not cash, but check out this amazing folding chair (the name doesn’t do it justice).  Doesn’t it seem like the Apple campus should be full of these?  (Well, maybe if they were off-white.)
  • [For more paper goodness, see previous.]

(Upon hearing this blog entry’s title, my wife remarked, "I know when to walk away…")

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  1. This has nothing to do with the current post – but the last couple of posts here is looking really weird. It’s like the top of the site is covered by the article area … so “John Nack on Adobe” is covered. All thou it looks fine on the main page
    Just wanted to let you know.
    [Yeah, I know: one of the blog admins blew away my custom template last week! I’m still working to pick up the pieces, and I haven’t figured out where a DIV is missing/misplaced on the individual story template. Bah–CSS sucks (well, not really, but you konw what I mean…). –J.]

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