What's in your logo?

//na// Friday logo nerdery for your delectation:

  • Even if you don’t have tastes-great/less-filling debates about Paul Rand vs. Saul Bass (and God help you if you do), there’s plenty to enjoy in this Logo design history. Many of the logos are available for download in EPS format.  Too bad there’s nothing about the old Adobe logo–the one that looked like rolls of paper for a printing press. [Via]
  • Cutting to the present, Graphic Design USA features a look at recent logo trends (and not just the bloopy "Web 2.0" schtick).
  • Logotypes.ru is a carnival of copyright infringement, and I’ve loved it for years, downloading & spoofing many famous designs.  (The first rule of Logotypes is you do not tell your legal department about Logotypes.)
  • Speaking of spoofs, Mike Judge’s future-satire Idiocracy features all kinds of logo & brand remixes. [Via]
  • Logopond offers a plentiful feed of design inspiration.  Viva Napalm Riot & this little devil-mouse.
  • Okay, it’s not logo-related per se, but check out the NYC Transit Authority style guide from 1970.  It’s amazing that if it weren’t for the date stamp on the gallery, it would be hard to know that this isn’t a current design document.  Is that a good thing (viva timeless Helvetica!) or a bad one (when in doubt, we punt and go with clean-n’-unobjectionable)? [Via]

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  1. A nice post with interesting links.
    Thanks for creating this one. I’m pretty sure I haven’t visited your blog before. I found it through my feed reader and my search for blog posts including the term logo design.
    [Seems like a timely post on my part, then. πŸ˜‰ –J.]
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