New CS3 videos available

The crew at have now posted a whopping 32 hours of videos covering Photoshop CS3.  Building on the free content Deke McClelland created for the public beta, the new titles go into depth on all aspects of the forthcoming release, addressing features and capabilities both new and old. [Via Myke Ninness]

On a similar but independent note, David Biedny points out Wikivid, "an encyclopedia of informative videos."  Check out the wealth of topics on Photoshop.

0 thoughts on “New CS3 videos available

  1. Wikivid is still full of bugs – too new yet. Most videos don’t load or error “plug-in on page not available” appears. But will be useful when fully up and hopefully will attract a lot of good uploads.

  2. I got a question about the Design Package and the Web Package offered for CS3. I do both Print Design and Web Design at work and home. I have recently found out that ImageReady has been discontinued, and now find myself in a bind. If I go with the Design bundle, is there any chance of getting a Fireworks Lite, or anything like that? What is a person im my situation do being that I do both. In my mind it wasn’t even a question that ImageReady would be a part of CS3, but its not. What am I to do? any suggestions?
    [As I’ve mentioned, ImageReady now lives inside Photoshop. –J.]

  3. I am trying to create a 3d environment for a video game but dont even know where to start, could you please help me out with that. Thank you very much!!!
    [I’m afraid I’m not the guy to ask. –J.]

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