Creative Suite Podcast: 2 million downloads

Terry White, one of Adobe’s in-the-field application pros, reports that this week the video-enabled Creative Suite Podcast has reached its 2 millionth download, averaging 16,000 downloads per episode.  With more than 100 episodes now online, the podcast has become a great resource & was named a 2006 iTunes People’s Choice Award winner.  Keep up the great work, guys.

In other video/podcast news:

  • A few weeks back I did a little video interview with the folks at 49Sparks, talking for 10 minutes or so about all things Photoshop.  "Why is he wearing a military flight suit?," some may ask. Well, why isn’t everyone?
  • My fellow Photoshop PM Bryan O’Neil Hughes recently spoke with the crew at about the CS3 beta, panorama creation, and more.
  • Mike Wong from onOne notes that their set of free Lightroom processing presets are now accompanied by a 25-minute video (broken into chunks) from author Jack Davis.

0 thoughts on “Creative Suite Podcast: 2 million downloads

  1. I just wanted to let someone at Adobe know that I love their new simple icons. There truely is something elegant about a simple icon. Plus it is so clean! Plus it is easily recognizable. Icons aren’t usually big but you can makeout PS or LR.
    In an unrelated qusetion, is there a “discount” student photoshop and Premiere for students who aren’t necessarily invovled in that field of study?
    [Yes; just contact your campus bookstore, or wherever computers are sold there. You don’t have to be involved in a particular course of study to qualify for the student discount. –J.]
    I’ve never persued it. I had Photoshop CS in my high school lab, and I’d like to use CS3 again on my PC just to mess with. Saddly it is pretty expensive though. OSUs website kinda sucks, I keep getting pointed to GIMP
    Anyways I hope you enjoy my feedback about the icons!
    [Yes, very much–thanks. –J.]

  2. Wow, Terry White… 25 of those downloads were probably mine. He does a great job with his tutorials and he’s easy to listen to. And he’s not just a Photoshopper – he knows other stuff too. As for Brandon’s question, there is a link in the Education section that tells which bookstores in your area carry PS if his doesn’t.

  3. Nice video interview, John.
    You’re in top form!
    [Thanks, Derek. But what’s up with that Cali accent having crept in, where I’ve started making sentences go *up at the end*, as if *everything*, is a rule of *thumb*? It was better back in the day, when I started sucking up the NY accent. –J.]

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  5. This is impressive, it looks that Adobe hit the road again. I already downloaded it and i am thrilled, no complains.
    [Cool! –J.]

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