Poster art, giant chickens, & more

//na// Illustrated bits worth sharing:

6 thoughts on “Poster art, giant chickens, & more

  1. Some great art! Bold graphics. Simple striking colors.
    One of my art professors would say, “If you’re going to be rough, use the whole fist!” We got the idea and never asked for clarification…
    [Well said. I’ve been needing something fresh instead of always saying, “In for a dime, in for a dollar.” –J.]
    Thanks for the links. Your blog is great, but the links are always my favorite part of your blog. Wait, also the really technical entries; because they’re such a challenge.
    [Heh heh–cool; thanks for the feedback. –J.]

  2. I agree with daddy-o, interesting links, never did visit the pencil one tho. John does have an amazing knack for finding ’em. Like the configurator for Adobe apps, he must have one for links too. Linkulator I think.
    [It’s an obscure little thing called “RSS in Safari.” 🙂 –J.]

  3. I wasn’t that impressed with the links actually. I suppose I like most of my art a bit more polished.
    Of course, I’m sure you guys all subscribe to the UK magazine Computer Arts. There is a nice new american Student
    who looks like he could be moving onto work similair to Drew Flaherty and of course the incredible McFaul (
    I think that the gallery every month is a great place and of course when they profile people like (warning page may take a while to load) and others such as (check out the Nike Air stuff) etc. etc.
    [Thanks for the links; will check ’em. –J.]

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