Hexagonal storms, ancient beasts, & more

//na// Scientific imaging bits of interest:

0 thoughts on “Hexagonal storms, ancient beasts, & more

  1. Sheesh, John.. When I initially read this, I thought it said “comic book”, and then I had this image in my head of airborne sandworms devouring my old, unbagged comic books somewhere in my parents’ attic.
    Phew. 🙂
    [Heh. –J.]

  2. Those Airborne Sandworms look awfully similar to those in the movie Tremors with Kevin Bacon.
    And with the giant fish (bad boy link)…fisherman stories haven’t changed a bit. They are always exaggerating.
    [Yeah, but do they say there’s an altar on the fish? *That’s* bold. –J.]

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