Wireframes, giant Donkey Kong, and more

//na// Whether or not the medium is the message, it certainly influences it.  People love turning computer bits into big physical forms:

  • Design Observer catalogs examples of computer GUI made real (masking tape folders, huge scrollbars, etc.).
  • The various "Web 2.0" trends are imagined as a supermarket in this clever video. I want to go around saying "Quakr, Quakrrrrr" but I think I’d get kicked out of the house. [Via]
  • Thomas Raschke makes groovy wireframe sculptures.
  • Speaking of wireframes, British artist Benedict Radcliffe has created an amazing 1:1 scale Subaru Impreza wireframe sculpture.  Not only is it not a Photoshop job; it apparently it even got a few parking tickets!  Via John Peterson, who writes "It’s s ort of an extreme example of the cursor-kite or the giant red Google pushpin."
  • And speaking of vehicles, check out this life-size model car.  Having carved myself up plenty while modeling, I fear equivalently large X-Acto knives. [Via]
  • And finally, for those of you that love primates and/or small Italian laborers, there’s a 4-storey Donkey Kong made from Post-It Notes. [Via Veronique Brossier]

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