Illustration bits: Dust My Ride, Creep My Clown, & more

  • It’s tax time in the US, and illustrator Christoph Niemann created an elegant commentary for the cover of the New Yorker.  Elsewhere, his "Empires of Evil" flags (lighter-hearted than the name would suggest) are inspired, and he certainly has a new take on, er, dental hygiene. [Via]
  • Dust artist (yes, dust) Scott Wade has produced some amazing images for Mitsubishi’s new ad campaign. (For more dustiness, see previous.)
  • I can dig illustrator Tara McPherson’s muted palettes. [Via Geoff Scott]
  • On the other end of the chromatic spectrum, Nathan Fox punches up retro-fueled imagery.
  • Our pals at the Chopping Block have launched Chop Shop, a spot to sell all manner of groovy swag (gotta love the 10-Year Plan).  I delight in the great spit and polish (try rolling over the little characters in the header, for instance)–excellent A2Detail.
  • Everyone’s favorite alcoholic raven/alt newspaper survivor, Drinky Crow, is getting his own show. [Via]
  • And lastly, Digital Newsflash offers an interesting moniker for a certain CS3 branding image: "Creep-o the Clown." Heh–yeah, that does induce a little coulrophobia, no?

0 thoughts on “Illustration bits: Dust My Ride, Creep My Clown, & more

  1. Yep, that fear-inducing clown kills all positiveness of CS3 and Adobe’s new crisp and clear branding.
    [Positiveness? Wasn’t it just four months ago that the branding got crucified in this very spot? Glad to hear the world has come around. As for Creepo, “Sometimes a clown is just a clown…” –J.]

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