SlideShowPro Flash gallery comes to Lightroom

I’m glad to report that Dominey Design’s excellent SlideShowPro Flash gallery is now available for Lightroom.  As the site notes, you can “change any of SlideShowPro’s 60+ parameters and preview your changes inside a real, working preview of SlideShowPro before you publish.”  The gallery offers a slick full-screen viewing option (click the icon in the lower right corner of the example here).  From within the Lightroom Web module you can upload directly to the Web server of your choice.  You can also upload to Dominey’s SlideShowPro Director hosting service, which offers online tools for browsing and managing your uploaded library.  The gallery costs $25, and hosting is available at various rates (free for 14 days).

In covering this announcement, Rick LePage from Macworld also notes that Felix Turner’s great Airtight Galleries for Lightroom (previously downloadable on their own) are now included with Lightroom 1.3.  So, if you’ve run the update and haven’t looked at your Web module for a while, take a peek; you might be pleasantly surprised.

[Update: At Inside Lightroom Michale Clark talks about SlideShowPro in LR, calling it "one heck of a deal for the money."]

[Previously: You can also create SlideShowPro galleries and Airtight galleries directly from Photoshop.  See the whole Web Gallery category for more.]

0 thoughts on “SlideShowPro Flash gallery comes to Lightroom

  1. Great links, thanks for those and all your other posts, John.
    I’m still searching for a Lightroom Web Gallery that will allow users to download the high-res version (for example, when I do a shoot for family I’d like to let them see the pics and download the high-res ones without having to e-mail, burn to CD, etc.)
    Do you know of any galleries out there that would allow that?

  2. John,
    One thing I found when I used airtight, I could not figure out how to add a “back too” link to get back to my homepage (see my web site). I have started to build my site with dreamweaver, then use lightroom web html galleries to see Photos. (works great and is easy to use). I am not a programmer so the airtight templates are great, but not practical. My comments are not set in stone (I may not know what I am doing, lol)
    By the way I love lightroom, coolest thing since gravy, (in Kentucky we consider it a beverage) clogged veins and all.
    My budget is somewhat depleted after I bought Creative suite 3 (win), so anytime I can create a slideshow, etc, you got my business. As much as I like airtight (really cool) I think one can do a “back to” link.
    Kind regards

  3. I used slideshowpro for this site:
    While developing slideshowpro’s help section really helpt me understand and still easily install a great flash gallery on this site. I know there is a free version out there called dfGallery but the commercial version also has an awesome content management system that really helps organizing things.

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